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How To Completely Outsource Your Books for Kindle Publishing

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Kindle Monthly Deals: ‘Be Frank With Me: A Novel’ by Julia Claiborne Johnson

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The Best Kindle Deals…Curated for Pastors

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Kindle Book Deals May - The Cozy Reading Nook

Smartphone apps to get you feeling fit and healthy. How to install iOS 13 on your iPhone. Should I buy Facebook Portal? Read More , Scribd might be a better option than Kindle Unlimited. Kindles are amazing and ebooks are the future, and there are plenty of other ways you can get more out of your e-reader.. But hey, if you still want to give it a try now, you can always sign up for a day Kindle Unlimited free trial to see if you like it or not. Here are some great gift ideas for Kindle owners!

Your email address will not be published. An article titled "Why Kindle Unlimited might not be worth it for you" could be useful informative information. I apologize for falling for it, and have now removed makeuseof from my news feed so I don't make that mistake again. It is absolutely worth it if you read a lot of shorter stories. The discount on other non-"unlimited" titles also offsets the cost. I don't want to invalidate what the post says as there are some valid considerations there, but then again, unlimited isn't really targeted at the casual reader who can go days or weeks without picking up a book.

Best Sellers

I signed up for two months of Kindle Unlimited for a buck. The first five books I wanted to read weren't available. I follow authors who write well.

go to link Love this service - best sellers are not always very good, take Gone Girl, lousy. You've got to be kidding. Kindle Unlimited is wonderful for those like me who devour books. I can read an average page novel in two hours. Plus I love finding all the new Indie authors I couldn't find in the stores. Many are just as good if not better than the majors. And if you read as fast as some of us, the majors you do like can't write fast enough to fill your habit anyway.

Tried to sign up for Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription, using my gift card account. It would not allow that, requires a credit card on file with Amazon. Called Customer Service, unfortunately for the monthly subscription you must have a active credit card on file with Amazon. However, he advised that I could buy a pre paid 6 or 12 month membership and that would come out of my gift card account, just like buying a book. Sorry, I don't use MY credit cards for any online purchase.

Below is part of their response;. Debit cards may not be used. You cannot purchase a subscription with an Amazon. As someone who reads a book every one or two days, kindle unlimited is so worth it. I like reading gay romance and there is an abundance of those!

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  • Kindle Monthly Deals (Updated October 12222).
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Ten bucks a month is nothing compared to buying them outright. Scribd has a poor selection and for books that i wanted to read were only available in audio format. Obviously, you do not read as much as some of us. Furthermore, while Kindle Unlimited may not have the most "popular" authors, it has been a great privilege to read many very good authors who may never have been published by the big publishing houses.

Some them incredibly talented, but writing in a genre that doesn't generate as many readers as say romance novels. Yes, at least 5 or more a week! So, give Kindle Unlimited another shot. If you are a book junkie and not made of money, it may be a really good option!

I have been a Kindle Unlimited subscriber for well over a year. I read probably Kindle Unlimited titles per month. Reading one per month with Prime would not be a valid substitute. Likewise, the argument that it requires an internet connection is misleading. Once you have selected your titles and downloaded them, you have wifi-free access to all 10 books, plus any you decided to purchase, plus your monthly free titles from Prime As for the argument that 1.

Even this is no problem with KU, though, because I can just redownload the preceeding one, read a chapter to remember, then return it and download the new one, because it's not 10 per month, it's 10 at any given time. As soon as I return one, I can download my next choice. Bit of a crap article. You know they've done little research when they imply that books published by large publishers are somehow 'better' but then they have the chutzpah to post a screenshot of of 'poor offerings' of KU that includes part of one of the better series I have read in my life.

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