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It's tiny and very light at just over 1kg, making it easily portable.

The $250 Gaming Laptop; A Low-end gamer's dream

It isn't fast, but for the price it is hard to complain. It won't set the world alight but for the money, it's one of the best-value laptops we've tested in recent months. This compact Windows laptop has proven very popular over the years thanks to its very light weight, reasonable performance and all-day battery life. This is one of the cheapest inch laptops we've tested. It's very light and the battery lasts all day, making a great basic laptop for taking on the move. It's not the fastest laptop around, but it's no slower than any other ultra-cheap laptop.

10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $300 – $400

This ultra-cheap Chromebook is also ultra small, making it one of the most portable laptops you can buy right now. This inch Chromebook puts up a good fight against more expensive rivals. It's not the fastest computer around, but we liked its keyboard and its battery life, which combine together to make it a fabulous, compact note-taking laptop for students at both school and university. It puts in a good performance where it counts thanks to its sprightly Intel Pentium processor.

It may not have the best keyboard and mouse, and you will need a microSD card, but it's still worth a look. This laptop was tested under our more stringent test procedure, and is the best ultra-cheap laptop to run the gauntlet so far. It's far from perfect, but for the money it's hard to complain.

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Models often come equipped with faster Intel Core i3 — and, at a stretch, i5 — processors, as well as speedy solid-state drives SSDs and vibrant Full HD screens. Read our full review for the verdict on this budget machine. This tech brand is known for its higher-end computers, but this laptop proves it can still make some good cheaper models, too. This laptop has a Read our full review to find out how it fared in our tests.

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  • This Core i3 laptop has been reduced to clear at John Lewis since June , so grab it while stocks last. It's one of the best Core i3 laptops we've tested recently and is a great mix of performance and portability.

    10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $300 – $400

    This cheap, Read our full review to find out whether this laptop is right for you. Shopping at the cheap end of the market is not easy.

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    The worst offenders are given 'Don't Buys', due to poor performance, battery life, display quality, or often all three. The Don't Buy laptops below are definitely models to avoid. First name. Last name. Showing 1 - 20 of results. Change location.

    Top 10 Best Budget Laptops Under $300

    No reviews yet 0. Brief product description. Combined with a sleek metal finish, the elevated keyboard makes for ultra-comfortable typing. And the Find out more. Tackle essays at uni, check in on work emails, or just browse online. Our range of Everyday laptops are just that — perfect for everything you do in a day. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Read more Accept X.

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    Best Apple Macbook Black Friday Laptop Deals Best Apple Macbook Black Friday Laptop Deals This is a common fact and we all know that Apple products are stylish, reliable, powerful, having unique user experience and hardly meet any issues as compared to other products.

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