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Actual policies and practices may vary according to the rental supplier. If you decide this insurance does not meet your requirements, there are two options available to you: 1. Select another Trip. Purchase additional insurance when you pick up your rental car at the branch. After you select a car, you can view the supplier terms and conditions on driver details entry page. After you make a booking online, you can view the supplier terms and conditions on the booking details page. After you make a booking online, we will send you a confirmation email.

You can view some supplier terms and conditions on the rental voucher included in the email. After booking online, you will receive a confirmation email.

1. Book early — especially during peak travel season

On the Trip. Once the email has been verified, you will be able to see all bookings under that email. Select the booking you want to modify, and select "Modify Booking" on the booking details page. Once the email has been verified, you will be able to see all the bookings under that email. However, some suppliers may only offer free cancellation within a specified time period, and charge to cancel bookings outside of that time period.

Please ensure you read the booking terms and conditions carefully, as rental suppliers may have independent cancellation policies. Select the booking you want to cancel, and select "Cancel Booking" on the booking details page. This time period may vary according to your bank processing time. With low-priced car rentals available around the world, book your next car rental online at Trip.

Search hundreds of travel sites at once.

Service Chat. When you do get a chance to travel at the last minute, these sites and apps will help find the best deal possible. Read More. AutoSlash is a unique site. The process almost always leads to savings.

How to Save Money With Car Rental Deals

You can even track prices and receive notifications when new coupons become available. Knowing how to shop around to get the cheapest last-minute car rental is just one part of saving money when you travel. These five practical travel strategies will help you save money and explore more of the world at the same time.

We spoke to two famous travel hackers to find what travel hacking is all about and how you can get started yourself, stress free.

2. Look for membership discounts

Want money-saving tips for your own car? Save on gas, mechanic visits, and more.

Car rental tips - How to get the best deal on rental cars

Explore more about: Save Money , Travel. Your email address will not be published. Priceline dropped Name Your Own Price Feature for auto rentals in March , and appears to be doing away with the feature for other travel services as well.

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Cheap Car Rentals and Free Cancellation |

Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! This isn't that common and certainly not a guarantee, but if there's a lull in booking or they need to get certain car classes on the road, companies will open up very specific rate codes to unlock low rates. And those rates will only be available on the company's website -- so it's worth at least checking before you make a reservation. For trips longer than a week, it's also worth your time to call and ensure you are getting the best pricing -- many companies now offer long-term, monthly, and mini-lease rental options that are cheaper than published daily rates.

Airports have what is called an "airport concession recovery" that is charged to the rental companies and, subsequently, passed on to the consumers in the form of a fee. This isn't even a trick of the trade, but still something many customers don't realize: there's NO penalty for canceling or just not showing up for your car, assuming you didn't prepay for it.

Which means, if you see a great rate -- book it! You can cancel it without penalty. In fact, even most prepaid bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance without penalty. If you didn't use a credit card for the reservation, you can even no-show without charge. But you can. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are the worst possible days to rent a car.

This is peak rental time and every single company has corporate clients for whom they guarantee certain rates and availability. Retail customers take a very distant back seat. For the best possible rates and selection, pick up on a Thursday night or later How it works: you pre-purchase a full tank of gas so you don't have to worry about refueling before you drop off the car. One agent recommends filling within 10 miles of the drop-off location and keeping that receipt as proof. If you buy a full tank and drop the car off at two-thirds, you do not get a refund for the unused gasoline.

It's also a complete rip-off: not only is it subject to the local gasoline tax but also all the taxes and fees that the airport tacks onto every purchase there. This is strictly a convenience purchase, and it's not smart. More likely than not, you will get a worse rate by procrastinating. Yes, taking a chance on walk-up rates might pay off on a slow, off-season weekend when companies are overloaded with cars, but most of the time it's not worth it. If you don't care about the car you rent or the company, you can also roll the dice with Priceline's "name your price" bidding option.

Either way, you're taking a gamble with last-minute booking, and you will rarely benefit.

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